Sonia Beauchamp's writing has appeared in journals and magazines, such as Screen Door Review, WUSSY Mag., and Anomaly.

See more of her work in the anthology, This is What Love Looks Like. A portion of the proceeds of this project will be donated to charities that support the LGBTQ+ community.

Follow these links to publications that have or will feature her work:

Screen Door Review: Issue 6


Anomaly: Issue 29 Folio
Outside Roe

WUSSY Magazine: Issue 7

Maudlin House
Maudlin House


Better Than Starbucks: Vol IV No VI
Poetry Unplugged

Thirteen Myna Birds: July 2019 Flock

Smitten: This Is What Love Looks Like

Detritus: Issue 3

Re-Side: Issue 4

Detritus: Issue 4, The Final Girl

Love Notes You'll Never Read


Detritus: Issue 5

As the World Burns:
Writers and Artists Reflect on a World Gone Mad